Advanced analytics & insights

With advanced data and engagement tracking, Nexus gives you all the information you need to optimize your program.

EBC analytics and reporting
customer session tracking

In-depth customer engagement insights

See how every attendee engaged with your program, from their log-ins to the customer portal, what sections they viewed, and what content they consumed. All the engagement data is easily exportable to share with your sales and account teams to give them the insights they need for more targeted engagement.

Robust data tracking

Nexus gives you advanced data tracking across its entire ecosystem of products. Basic reporting includes engagement volume by meeting type, total value touched and increased from opportunity data, attendees by type, and customer impressions before, during and after the engagement.

EBC leadership reporting

Ready to take your customer engagements to the next level?

custom EBC reporting

Custom Reporting

You can easily modify the reporting by customizing data ranges, location, engagement types or even specifying by industry vertical.

Rich data visualization

Nexus outputs sleek, well-designed graphs that you can easily screenshot to level up your leadership reporting presentations.

ebc reporting data visualization
ebc automated report emails

Scheduled report e-mails

Set up automated reporting emails for you and your staff. Choose your locations that you want reporting on, select from weekly or monthly emails then customize the data points you want to receive in each email.

“Nexus understands what’s engaging, what looks good and how a company should show up. They understand that the little things matter and help to push deals over the line.”

Ryan Farsai

Director, Corporate Marketing, Proofpoint